Honourable Sadhguru Anand was born in affluent business family of Punjab. He had education in best of School and colleges. He started business of his own at the age of Sixteen. He was an expert computer graphic designer. But his heart was always into religion and spirituality.

At a very young age Sadhguru realized that the time had come for him to begin cultivating his activities for the greater benefit of all living beings, rather than just working for the welfare of his family. He left his house and went into the forests and mountains nearby. He meditated diligently for many months, realized the futility of worldly concerns, and resolved to live up to the purpose of his life, which was to teach living beings in accordance with their capabilities the Dharma that leads to perfect life.

Due to this desire to attain the higher spiritual knowledge he started meeting sadhus and gurus who guided him  in   acquiring  knowledge of palmistry and other sciences. In the year 1998 he met a Guru who took him under his wings and for 7 longs years he did tapasya. Along with doing tapsya he was also given the in depth knowledge of astrology. He did tapasya in Haridwar for 3 years. After that he lived in an ashram of another guru in a mountain near Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh.  He was initiated   in 2005 that is when his guru blessed him to serve the humanity. Its through his Sidh  knowledge he has been guiding people since 10 years.

According to Sadhguru:-

“ The religion and spiritual mantras have existed for thousands of years and bhakats with the guidance guru have been using to the betterment of their lives. But nowadays people will make fun of you if you say that the Guru with his sadhana and art of Astrology or Horoscopes can change your life. But, those people will never change. Astrologers have predicted the placement of celestial planets without the facilitate of current telescopes thousands of years ago. How was this possible? Ask yourself and your non believing friends this question. I'm sure that you will not find an answer. The thing is straightforward. Sages who lived thousands of years ago in India wrote many scripts through divine interventions. It is really a hurting fact that most of us are not making use of it. If these vey people don't trust these scriptures which has been their for thousands of years how will they trust us who live only for 70 or 80 yrs.”

The Hindu scriptures say that those who tune in with the wisdom of a true guru make it possible for the guru to help them.

Now, let us express gratitude at God's feet and pray to Him to help us bring into practice the formula that we understood.