Dasvandh, literally means a "tenth part" and refers to the practice among people contributing one-tenth of their earnings towards their  Guru. This is also referred to in Punjabi as "Daan" literally "giving" or "contributing" in charity.We understand the power of giving one tenth of our earnings back to the Guru.

We share our earnings with guru by giving one tenth of our earnings in charity, depositing cash or kind into the common pool, and from that pool multiple returns spill forth providing wealth and total sustenance to all of its contributors. But daan is not just ‘giving alms.’ It stands for seva. And for each of us, the Guru shows us the way to peaceful living.

1) Through your practice and support of the technology of Dasvandh, you not only receive the  blessings of giving to the Unknown, thereby enriching your spiritual growth, prosperity, and elevation but you are also instrumental in supporting our Dharmic mission of sharing the sacred teachings of Guru.WIth dasvandh I connect with my guru for doing good for the   society.

 Annu Sachdeva


2) I simply set up a monthly EFT (electronic funds transfer) from my bank so that my   Dasvandh is paid automatically "off the top" without ever thinking about it. It is simply  "monies due" after income and before expenses. That is a part of my personal relationship  with my Guru.

Raj Malhotra


3) This year, much to my own surprise, I saw my income increase. To see my income suddenly increase was a pleasant surprise, and a reminder on the power of the Dasvandh. Wonderfully, I find that I can more freely give to other very deserving people. Unexpectedly for me, the power of the Dasvandh is that it has given me more to give. It is really a blessing to realize “I have it now I can give it” and it is so satisfying to do so.

Naveen Jindal


4) I first learned the concept ofdasvandh through a friend of mine.

I love the idea of giving back to where you get your spiritual food from. It could be one place or multiple places. It is not cheating to give dasvandh to more than one place. There are so many doors around us, which nourishes our soul.

Harsh Mirchandani


Following the Teachings of SadhguruAnand, Getting Registered, Attending any Seminar /Samagam,Asking for Guru Deeksha, Sending Dasvandh or Any other type of Contribution to the Sadhguru is totally voluntary, unconditional, with your own free will and without any undue influence or coercion. The same would not incur any legal liability on SadhguruAnand.

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